Eeek! A Mousical

1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Awesome show for kids and adults!

I saw Eek! a Mousical during their Saturday matinee, and was blown away by the talent of the cast as a whole as well as the catchy songs and cleverly written script. Everyone says that children are the toughest audience because they are the most honest. They will let you know if they dont like a show- right away. The children in this audience sat there enthralled during the entire performance. Kudos to Toni Stanton City Mouse, Megan Thomas Country Mouse, Marcus Conerly, and the rest of the talented, versatile cast. Danielle Rhodes Musical Director led the catchy music created by Jack Dyville and John Stutte expertly. Bring your kids to see Eek! A Mousical. They will thank you for it.

RE:Great Show for Both Adults and Kids

If youre looking for a sweet and entertaining show to take a small child to and there really are so few of them, then you need look no further than this one. I took my 4-year-old nephew, and I wasnt sure if he would sit still for it, because hes a VERY active toddler. But Holy Cow, he sat at the edge of his chair, rapt with the proceedings. As a matter of fact I noticed about a half dozen other children at Sundays 7:30 pm show, a time you wouyld imagine some kids might start getting cranky with fatigue, but no, they were each and every one of them engaged with this lovely show. What a treat for a child. The singing was wonderful; its a big cast too, maybe aroound a dozen and theres not a single clinker in the bunch. All such pretty singing voices! Toni Stanton was marvelous. Danielle Rhodes led the proceedings on piano expertly and the music was very catchy. I just really really appreciate that this musical is out there, providing a terrific opportunity for older folks and children to experience and enjoy theatre together. THANK YOU!