Duet: Sunrise & The Good Thing

Opened Nov 30, 2007
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Sunrise, by Tommy Smith and Directed by Portia Krieger, is a biting comedy that follows the reclusive Blattys, whose lonely lives are interrupted when a mysterious stranger visits the couple's home, threatening to uncover a dark secret from their dirty past. Bleeding genres, Sunrise is a swiftly paced, quick witted, insightful look at the breakdown of relationships and religion in the modern world. The Good Thing, by Terry Diamond and Directed by Maggie Burkle, is based on Anton Chekhov's short story, The Witch. He thinks she's a witch who controls the weather. She thinks he's a useless slacker who's ruined the family business. A dangerously isolated couple, Samuel and Rita Gykin, try to reconcile their failing marriage in the middle of a blizzard.

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