Dubya & the Gang of 7

Opened Aug 30, 2004
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When he talks to God every morning, Dubya hears what he wants to hear, and what he hears is that God commands him to win America uber alles. The journey he goes on out of the Oval Office, the gang he travels with, and the fate they meet over the last four years tells the disastrous story crafted by the Katz/Tasner/Harris team. While political in tone Dubya and the Gang of 7 culminates with a significantly (and surprisingly) human message and speaks to the inheritances and bequests that comprise the way in which generations deeply affect each other. This concert version continues a long standing collaboration between director Jed Harris and playwright Leon Katz. Special performances to coincide with the Republican National Convention in New York City, Sunday August 29th through Thursday, September 2nd.

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