Dr. Zag's Slaughterhouse

Opened Oct 27, 2012
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In the early 1900's the basement of what is now The Secret Theatre was a slaughterhouse owned by Dr. Zag. He would lure unsuspecting victims back to the meathouse and, once in his clutches, they would be tortured and experimented on for hours on end. When he was finished, he would discard their bodies by passing them off as the meat being sold to the public. When the community became aware of Dr. Zag's heinous activities they stormed the meathouse one night in October and viciously murdered the Doctor. The basement was condemned and sealed off and no one has set foot inside since. To this day, every October there are complaints of awful sounds coming from the basement. A special team of ghost hunters assembled by the government has been sent to investigate the building but only two were willing to set foot inside. The Secret Theatre is now looking for a team of volunteers brave enough to help the investigation...

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Have a Theatrical Halloween! - Oct 31, 2012

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