Dr. Lucky's School of Burlesque

Opened Jul 24, 2006
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Back by popular demand, Dr. Lucky's School of Burlesque brings you classroom learning with cabaret entertainment! In a retelling of the history of theatre through the undervalued tradition of burlesque, this evening features students from New York University's Undergraduate Drama Department enrolled in "The History of American Burlesque" performing original and historically-based songs, dances, skits, and comedic bits in the burlesque spirit of parody, gender inversion, and the deconstruction of the split between highbrow and lowbrow culture. Students are joined by guest lecturers who also happen to be stars of the neo-burlesque scene including Dirty Martini, James "Tigger!" Ferguson, Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Julie Atlas Muz, Scotty the Blue Bunny, The World Famous Bob, and, of course, their professor, Dr. Lynn "Lucky" Sally. Come see what you knew all along: burlesque is savvy, sexy, and smart.

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