Downloaded-and in denial

Opened Oct 9, 2003
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Horse Trade Theater Group and Tobacco Bar Theatre Company present A Luminescence Production of Downloaded-and in denial, written and performed by Cynthia Adler, and directed by Robert Kalfin. With a panoply of characters ranging from the most powerful woman in television to a 92 year-old Hollywood domestic to a hilariously touching seven-and-a-half year old addicted to sugar, Downloaded -and in denial lays bare the lunacy of modern American life in a zany romp through dysfunction, spin-doctoring and socio-political fads. Among the off-the-wall ideas: a virtual, "more human" TV anchorperson, advice to elevator and postal persons on how to "spin" their way out of legal trouble, a scathing embodiment of the 'barbie-fication" of the world, and a bitter justification for the global marketing of modified cockroach genes.

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