Dead Puppet Talk Venue and Location

The Kitchen
512 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011
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The Kitchen

512 W 19th St New York, NY 10011


Inflatable Frankenstein
Neutral Hero
The Golden Veil
World of Wires
Ellie Ga: The Fortunetellers
Romeo and Juliet (Nature Theater of Oklahoma)
The Shipment
Blue Liz
Hoofers' House
Big, 3rd Episode (happy/end)
Uncivil Wars: Collaborating with Brecht & Eisler
Dance and Process: Kathryn Sanders, Noemí Segarra, and Lise Serrell
The Argument and Dinner Party
Hellenic Laboratory: MEZE
An Evening with Ridykeulous: At Least It's Not Abstract!
Pheeroan akLaff
An Evening with Soft Targets
A Lab is a Lab is a Lab
Laura Andel: Doble Mano
chameckilerner: EXIT
Chamecki Lerner Dance Company
Just Kick It Till It Breaks
Jennifer Allen & Kimberly Bartosik
First as Pilgrims, Then as Pilots
Seth Price and Kelley Walker
An Evening with Akashic Books
Snow White
An Evening with Ugly Duckling Presse
Peter Welz
Nottthing is Importanttt
Dead Set #3
eighth blackbird
Dance and Process
Dance without Bodies
Claude Wampler
They Heart a Computer
The K Sound
Michael Portnoy: The K Sound
DBR & The Mission: 24 Bits (remixed)
Richard Move: The Show (Achilles Heels)
The Show (Achilles' Heel)
Maria Hassabi: Still Smoking
Still Smoking
this is not a pink pony & Gogolorez
Totally in Love / Before Intermission
The End of Reality
Dara Friedman Sunset Island
Beth Gill / Kakuya Ohashi
Raz Mesinai: Myth of Nations
The Kitchen High Line Block Party
Robert Melee's Talent Show
Laughing Matters: A Multimedia Evening
figures on a field: Dean Moss/Laylah Ali
Shangri La
Conciousness-Related Effects in Random Physical Systems & eTTa aTTa oTo
Whose Move is it Anyway?
Bill Shannon: Sketchy
Tracy + the Plastics, ROOM
John King: La Belle Captive
Dance in Progress
Tere O'Connor Dance
Dry Flower
Artus/Company Gábor Goda: Cain's Hat
The Ase Dance Theatre Collective
Molissa Fenley and Dancers
The Happy Prince
Dead Puppet Talk
The Last of Manhattan
Performing Technology from the 2004 Whitney Biennial
The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island, or The Friends of Dr. Rushower
Two on Two [2/2]
Both Sitting Duet
Dance Improv Game Show
Lines in the Sand: Helen in Egypt
Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People: dAMNATION rOAD
Karen Finley: Séance: Unsolved Mysteries of the Art World
Seance: Unsolved mysteries of the art world
Woman's Song: The Story of Roro Mendut
Carlotta Sagna: A
John Moran with Eva Müller
The Phantom Project
Public Talks
Shadowman (Part I)
Two on Two
See Level
The Paradise Project
Jimmy Carter was a Democrat
SpotLight Readings: New and Novel Works in Progress
Big Nazo: Fumble Blob
Lucinda Childs: Solos
LAVA: Glimmer
From Hoofin' 2 Hittin': Witness the Dance, Feel the Beat
Miranda July: The Swan Tool
Three Willies
Ernesto Quinonez: Day of the Dead
Benoit Lachambre: Undone Delirium
Big Dance Theater: Shunkin
The Kitchen Neighborhood Street Fair
Zap! Zap! Zap!
The Kitchen's Spring 2001 Performances
herses (une lente introduction)
The People's Poetry Gathering
Wind (the Eternal Return of the Same)
L'isola di Alcina (Alcina's Island)
Construction with Varied Materials & Sequel
Royal Madness
Gecko Suite & BALL
Show Me
Donna Minkowitz: Poets and Preachers
New Sounds Live: Operadio
Warrior Sisters: The New Adventures of African and Asian Womyn Warriors
The Sea & Poison
Incursión. Tema: Fausto
Reggae Boogie Talk Show
The Bottom Project
Shattered Boxes
Everyday Uses for Sight: Nos. 3 and 7
Les Spectacles Vivants Sample
Public Talks @ The Kitchen
Gross National Product
Night Light
Dong Dong, Touching the Moons
Jennifer Lacey: $$hot
Incursion. Tema: Fausto
Warrior Sisters: The New Adventures of African and Asian Womyn Warriors