Daughters of Lot

Opened Feb 23, 2012
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Brain Melt Consortium is proud to present the world premiere of Daughters of Lot, as part of the 2012 FRIGID New York Festival. A modern-day burlesque act with a twist, the evening's entertainment begins as a sexy and silly retelling of an ancient story, until the performers do a trick that requires more than flexibility. Atlanta, the headliner, and her Sodomette sidekicks summon the ancient characters of their tale into reality, leading a couple of B.C. teenagers on a tour through a dazzling modern world that is part Brecht, part circus, and two parts Suicide Girls. Written by Alexis Roblan and directed by Rachel Kerry, Daughters of Lot is a titillating, perplexing, and vexing exploration of the ways women are taught to be "women."

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