Cherry Lane Studio Theatre
38 Commerce St, New York, NY 10014
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I just saw this show and it was AMAZING. The actors are very funny and dont look like a bunch of actors on stage like most plays. and some of the word play, the language is so amazing, like somewhere between dr. suess and Eminem. I already got tickets for the last show.

See what Western Media can do to Us!!

The show is funny but it also, really does demonstrate in a visceral, provocative voice how Media sells fear and gives us a false sense of Control. GO SEE THIS SHOW!

Popped my Cherry Lane, and Im going back for more!

The cast is totally Hot...and skimpily clad at times.

madcap hijinks!

Good old fashioned crazy fun! Go see this one if you get the chance!


Thats right - three Ns

Soooo funny I pissed my pants

Brilliant! has more photos.