2hr. (1 intermission)


Do Not MIss

Do not be deceived by the $10 ticket price. This is truly great theater at any price. The Seeing Place Theater did what Mike Nichols failed to do in the movie version of Closer- they nailed it. If you want to see Patrick Marbers fabulous play at its searing best, dont miss this brave production.

A terrific production!

A wonderfully directed production with a very talented cast of a dark, difficult play. Congratulations to all involved.


As someone who has reviewed many shows for various theater organizations, I have to say that this production of Closer left me speechless and thats hard to do. The cast is very strong and told this story about mssed connection and crimes of the heart with raw emotional conviction. I am disheartened to discover that so many critics wont even give this play or this company a chance, It is unfair to deny the Seeing Place coverage just because they did not like it as a movie or on Broadway. If we all were to discard shows because of our personal feelings, no theater would ever get covered. We need to open our minds and our hearts to this production as they tell a very powerful story. True the script is flawed as was the movie, but this production dives full force into the meat of Closer and delivers. The strenghths of this play far outweigh the problems. Brandon Walker, Erin Cronican, Elyse Fisher and Nick Velkov literally act from their souls. Its like they take off their skin and become vulnerable flesh. The result is a compelling, outstanding theatrical experience. Go see this show NOW!!

A great experience!

We loved this production of CLOSER -- very well-cast and well-performed! It really captured the feel of Marbers story and left me wanting more. Thank you!

Cronican, Walker and Fisher Superb!

Seamless, gimmick-free, deeply realized characterizations by this mostly solid cast. Seeing Place Theatre Company has a knack for this type of beautifully acted, rich work. I look forward to seeing more from this superb company!


A brilliant production. Simple & real. Brandon Walker, Erin Cronican and Elysen Fisher were particularly outstanding. Bravo!

RE:Closer. A production by Rhe Seeing

Brilliant opening night to a full house! I think all the cast did "break a leg"! All the cast should be proud and enjoy the whole production. Each eased into their roles and the audience was enraptured. an ambitious play inn itself but adapted deftly by Brandon Walker, Erin Cronican, Elysen Fisher and lovely Dr Larrys Nick Velkov. We wanted to know the ending! Kudos to ATA for adopting and hosting this amorous play Selena