Chris Cochrane, Jassem Hindi, Jen Rosenblit, Enrico D. Wey: Or An Animal... Venue and Location

Abrons Arts Center Henry Street Settlement
466 Grand St, New York, NY 10002
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Abrons Arts Center Henry Street Settlement

466 Grand St New York, NY 10002


Ubu Sings Ubu
Richard Maxwell and New York City Players: Isolde
Twelfth Night
The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville
Dead Centre: Souvenir
The Cheaters Club
In the 212: Closing Night Bash
Tony Rizzi: An Attempt to Fail at Groundbreaking Theater by Pina Arcade Smith
Faye Driscoll: You're Me
Jeanine Durning: Inging
American Realness
Mind Over Mirrors with Miguel Gutierrez
Body Cartography Workshop
Body Cartography Project with Zeena Parkins: Super Nature
Chris Cochrane, Jassem Hindi, Jen Rosenblit, Enrico D. Wey: Or An Animal...
Tere O'Connor: Poem
Juliana May: Commentary = Not Thing
AUNTS Realness
Trajal Harrell: Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem
Keith Hennessy: Turbulance (A Dance About the Economy)
Jack Ferver: Mon Ma Mes
Trajal Harrell: Antigone Sr./Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church
Maria Hassabi: Show
Jennifer Monson: Live Dancing Archive
Neal Medlyn: Wicked Clown Love
Reid Farrington's A Christmas Carol
Moisty the Snowman Saves Christmas
A Patch of Blur
Love's End
Broke House
A Christmas Carol
Mx Bond's Austerity Measures: A Snow Job for the Masses
Underground at the Abrons
Nutcracker in the Lower 2011
Dreamless Land
Steampunk Haunted House: Through the Looking Glass
Arias With a Twist Deluxe
Fitzgerald and Stapleton: The Smell of Want
Bebe Neuwirth & Friends
Philippe Petit: Wireless!
Keys to the Future
Object Collection: Innova
Jason Robert Brown
Ute Lemper: The Bukowski Project
Concert to Benefit Japan Earthquake Relief
Cool Blues
Sky Boys
A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians
Narcissister: This Masquerade
Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Holy Mountain
An Afternoon to Celebrate Amar Ramasar and Friends
The Annihilation Point
The Painted Bird
Vision Disturbance
Think Africa!
Christmas Spells
On Structure
Knock Me A Kiss
Nutcracker in the Lower
Landscape With the Fall of Icarus
Time Stands Still
Uptown Downtown: KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler
Howard Fishman Trilogy Release
Butoh Blossoms: Rise and Fall of a White Flower
Steampunk Haunted House
Think Punk
Dueling Harps
Jack Ferver: Notes on a Scandal
Joey Arias in Concert
Vision Disturbance
Dueling Harps
The Whiz: Obamaland
Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque
Weimar New York
The Joshua Light Show in Residence
Nikolais Homecoming
From the Horse's Mouth: Remembering Nik
Beauty and the Beast
Big Art Group: Flesh Tone
Big Art Group: The Sleep
Jeremy Wade
Delirium 27
Pete Drungle
Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects: Heads or Tales
Sydney Wayser + In One Wind
Wallie Wolfgruber & Company: Sacred Things
Quartet v4.0
John Zorn's Masada Marathon
The Who's Tommy
Balthrop, Alabama + Andrew Vladeck
Ken Beasley + Tim Robinson
FONT Music presents: Forward Flight
Blind.ness (Love is a four letter word)
A Murray Little Christmas
Banana, Bag & Bodice: A Very Sandwich Christmas
Chaos & Candy 8: Unholy Night
Justin Bond's Christmas Spells
Nutcracker in the Lower
A Marathon Concert to Benefit Mode Records
Underground at the Abrons: Jack Rose + Chris Forsyth, + Corridors
The History of the Future II
Steampunk Haunted House
Citizen's Band: The Debt Rattle
Incus Festival
AUM Fidelity Presents
The Chase Brock Experience
Performance 5: Mark Leckey
Paved Paradise Redux: The Art of Joni Mitchell
Vissi Dance Theater Spring 2009
Iron and Wine
Alexandra Beller
Kernel of Sanity
Katsura Kan: Beckett Butoh Notations 09
Howard Fishman's we are destroyed
Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage
Leslie Mendelson: Underground at the Abrons
Angela Di Carlo
PT Walkley
Something Stolen ...Well, Borrowed
Folly: The Grand Street Follies 2009 (Saturday)
Folly: The Grand Street Follies 2009 (Friday)
The Lover's Lounge
John Zorn: The Dreamers/O'o
John Zorn: Masada Sextet
Underground At The Abrons: Clare & The Reasons
Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert: Music Unlocked
Underground At The Abrons: Amber Rubarth
Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert: The Zimro Project
Karen Kohler & Kim Smith
Ute Lemper: Pirate Jenny is Back
Justin Bond: Close to You at Christmas, Darling
Nutcracker in the Lower
George Winston at Abrons Arts Center
Underground at the Abrons: Jesse Harris
Baraka Bullins & Fletcher: 3 One-Acts
Screen Test
Jo Strømgren Kompani: The Society
Lawrence Goldhuber: Sleeping Giant
Fluxconcert 20080925-27
Underground at the Abrons: Evolving Ear Too
Roger McGuinn at Abrons Arts Center
Maria the Korean Bride
Amir Ziv presents KOTKOT
Tonic at the Abrons: ICP Orchestra (Instant Composers Pool)
Justin Bond: Lustre
Ellen Cornfield Dance
The End of our Beginning
Movement Speaks
Urban Youth Theater: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Alan Licht + Aki Onda
Ken Beasley with Amber Rubarth
Ariadne Unhinged
The Wiyos
Underground at the Abrons: Noveller with Millions
Underground at the Abrons: Julianna Barwick with Pigeons
Peter and the Wolf
Target Margin Theater: The Frogs
Underground at the Abrons: Rav Shmuel with Rob Jost's Public Garden
Min/Wu/Xu with Carl Stone
Daniel Clifton: Marked Territory
Urban Youth Theater
Jonah Bokaer
Sandra Rivera: Barrio Girl
His People
Underground at the Abrons: Tim Robinson
Le Trio Joubran
John Zorn: Shir Ha-Shirim/The Song of Songs
Sugar Salon
Cyro Baptista + Beat The Donkey
Peter Kyle Dance: Know One
Underground at the Abrons: Paul Brill with Andrew Vladeck
The Neighborhood Playhouse
Andrew Hurst
Screen Test
Lone Wolf Tribe: Bride
Dave Douglas
Sylvie Courvoisier + Rashied Ali
Blurring Boundaries: Electric Kulintang
Kernel of Sanity
John Zorn's Celebration of Light
Urban Ballet Theater's Nutcracker in the Lower
The Girl Detective
Evolving Ear Presents
The Crown Point Festival
Gutta Beautiful
Lonewolf Tribe: The Animal Journey
The Sixth Annual Carnival of Samhain
Till The Break of Dawn
To the Death of My Own Family
Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton
ACFDance: Masters in Motion
It's a Bee, Honey
Blurring Boundaries: Yuka Honda
Urban Youth Theater: Marisol
No Interruptions: Abrons Arts Center Dance Program Recital
Chance: Abrons Arts Center Dance Ensemble Concert
Blurring Boundaries: John Zorn
Franklin Furnace: The History of the Future
John Pizzarelli: A Benefit Concert for the Bronx High School of Science
Bindlestiff Cirkus's Cavalcade of Youth
The Paper Bag Players: Dandelion
Danny Hoch
Martin Creed
Jake Alrich
Urban Ballet Theater: Spin
The Aviva Players
Banana Bag & Bodice: The Fall and Rise of The Rising Fallen
Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People: Everyone
Urban Youth Theater: I Am
James Scruggs & Kristin Marting: Rus
Jazz at the Abrons: The Wallace Roney Group
The Night Kitchen Radio Theater
Oh What War
The Night Kitchen Radio Theater
Megan V. Sprenger, dancer and choreographer
The Klezmatics
Nutcracker in the Lower
Motyl Chamber Ensemble
Universes: Sunday Brunch
Universes: Slanguage
The Lower East Side Film Festival
Universes: Blue Sweat & The Last Word
Universes: Tribute to Poet Mentors
Bindlestiff Cirkus's Cavalcade of Youth
Peter Kyle Dance
The Fifth Annual Carnival of Samhain
Sleepy Hollow
The Annual Halloween Spectacular
Portrait of a Stolen Spring
Jonah Bokaer & Moving Theatre
BAiT (Buenos Aires in Translation)
Prime Mover
No Place Like Home: The History of Hip Hop in the Lower East Side
STANLEY (2006) - Lisa and Todd D'Amour
Dance in America Five Days of Passion
Book of Songs
Teen Theater Gathering
Concert Dance
Heading Towards The Next Thirty Years
Home Is Where the _______ Is
6 Hits and Urban Creed
Downtown Urban Theater Festival
The Northern Kingdom
Los Duendes
A Glass of Water and Working Things Out
Hypno Astro N Matter
Straight Out
Skinimin 12 and A Latina Prepares
Breaking Lines Dance Festival
New Federal Theater Playwriting Workshop
Theater Soup
Real Black Men Don't Sit Crosslegged On the Floor
Putting It Together
The Lazy Eye
Pieces of We
It's Good to See You
In the Blood
Hold the Floor
Go Peaches
Ghetto Mountaintop
Brothers and Sisters the Soul Traveling Circus
As You Like It
A Moment in Time
Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
Dead End
The Snow Queen
Last Laugh
Fifty Minutes
Vaudeville's Not Dead (I'm Killing It Every Night)
Welcome Home Rock Rogers
The Human Exhibit from the Big Apple Metropolis
Befriending Beau
The Bear
Awaiting Repair in the Eternal Hootenanny
Loneliness in the Cotton Fields
Hustle (FringeNYC)
Engendered Species
The Ladies Room
Urban Myth File
Poor Superman (FringeNYC)
Leaf in the Mailbox
LabRats: The Second Coming
Break the Floor
Surface: The Absurdist Biography of Uncle Phil
Beautiful Things
Boogie Woogie Landscapes
Life's Rosy
The Conjure Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem
Face Value
The Burden of Sunflowers: a love story for queer boys in the city
Days and Nights Within
Woman in the Animal Kingdom
The Opportunities of a Night
Rat Tales
To Sirloin With Love: A Meat Opera
Bubulinos' Archetypes, an ECO-play
Hideous Men
All's Well That Ends Well
Great Black One-Acts 2000
Lesser Wars, The
Sara & Susie
Giving Up the Gun