Caucasian Chalk Circle

Opened Jun 25, 2009
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Caucasian Chalk Circle (in the Eric Bentley translation) re-imagines Brecht's master work as a distinctly American fable. Set in a half-finished building taken over by squatters (designed by Obie Award winner Peter Ksander), and using composer Mark Valadez's modernized "disaster ballad" folk songs to drive the story, the company mines material from their six-month residency with Mabou Mines (2007-08) to bring the play into contemporary relief. With the economy at a standstill, ongoing wars, and a disintegrating environment, our society is closer to the dark landscape of Brecht's mythical Grusinia than perhaps at any time since his own post-war Germany. By focusing on the divide between the haves and have-nots, and how quickly fortunes can change, the production asks: what is our responsibility to each other in times of crisis.

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