Opened Dec 9, 2006
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A brand-new spin on the classic novel by Stephen King, Theatre Couture's Carrie delivers an eye-popping, rib-tickling comic horror thrill ride. Outcast teen Carrie White's dream comes true when she gets invited to the prom -- but that dream turns into nightmare when a nasty prank unleashes her telekinetic fury. Starring Sherry Vine and featuring thrilling visual effects by Basil Twist, Carrie is filtered through the uniquely twisted sensibility of the critically acclaimed Theatre Couture (creators of the Off Broadway hits Charlie!, Doll and Tell-Tale). Carrie is a uniquely theatrical, bloody-good time!Saturday, December 9th is SOLD OUT.

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Carrie - Dec 11, 2006

Sherry Vine to Star in Theatre Couture's Carrie at PS 122 - Nov 10, 2006

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