Carnival Round the Central Figure Venue and Location

154 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014
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154 Christopher St New York, NY 10014


In Antarctica, Where it is Very Warm
Accidents Waiting to Happen
Hip and Darkling
Animals Commit Suicide
Death of Sydney
Sexless in the Boroughs
The Sister Rosettas
soloNOVA Arts Festival
The Chess Lesson
Song of a Convalescent Ayn Rand Giving Thanks to the Godhead (in the Lydian Mode)
El correo de la noche (Night Delivery)
The Orange Person
The Spring Fling: My Best/Worst Date Ever
The Romancers
Another Kind of Love
Bonnie Katz : The Concious Actor Workshop Series I
The Naked Side of Grace: The Final Concert of Grace Fullest and Violet Tendencies
Depth of a Moment: In Four Parts
Depth of a Moment: in four parts
A Map of the Ocean's Floor
Semiospectacle No 2
The Funny Pain
Walled In
Lake Water
An Evening of Reckonings
When Richard Ordered The Sun To Set and K5
When Richard Ordered the Sun to Set & K5
The Spring Fling: 8 Brand New Plays
The Spring Fling
Alice Sit by the Fire
Of Rivers, Of Days
Carnival Round the Central Figure
Four Women at the Edge of the Desert
Barring the Unforeseen
The Assassins Chase Pinocchio
Outpost: Letter from Lesotho
Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris?
The Wife
Oh My!
Broken Spokes
Sign-Arella, A New Musical
Sandy the Dandy and Charlie McGee!
Great Hymn of Thanksgiving / Conversation Storm
NYC Deaf-Fest/Raisin in the Sun
Bosoms and Neglect
Trying to Get to the Moon
The Frog Prince
Snow White
Fortune and Men's Eyes
Josefine Fett
Josefine Fett Workshop
Snow White
Little Red Riding Hood
The Frog Prince