Carnival Round the Central Figure



Nothing like it...

Carnival is a romp into something we all will deal with. Awesome, see it before you die!

Nothing like it...

Carnival is a romp into something well all have to deal with. See it before you die.

Carnival Around The Central Figure

Saw Carnival in previews, and the play did resonate with me over the next few days -- as it will with anyone whos kept vigil for a dying loved one. Much humor, despite the topic, and great surrealist skill on the part of the playwright, especially in the second act, when two story lines, separated by a decade, conflate at the wonderfully-staged deathbed. The minister and psychiatrist characters especially were such pitch-perfect lampoonings -- not to mention stand-out performances. Recommended!


Not perfect, could use some tightening, but provocative, creative, boundary pushing and wonderfully acted and directed. Its not just about death, but its a trenchant allegory about truth and denial in contemporary society. I expect it will be upsetting to people with unresolved issues surrounding death, but thats a good thing. This is the kind of show that makes you grateful to be in NYC where this kind of thing is happening. Best $18 youll spend so far this year!

RE:Carnival Round the Central Figure

I saw the show last was deeply moving, having moments of brilliance. I laughed and cried.