Bull Spears

1hr. 25min.


Bull Spears is an exploration of the Western as the mythological center of American culture. Conceived as a "silent film for the stage" and complimented by an audacious and interactive design, the production uses music, movement, mask, and video to tell the story of a mysterious transient named One Pump, who by chance one night happens upon the town of Bull Spears. What follows are three wildly varying acts, in which One Pump must face a host of adversaries, both man and animal, living and dead, to save the town and forever change the trajectory of his life. Embracing a confrontational multi-media aesthetic, Bull Spears explores the dangers and ecstasies of adventure and autonomy. The production addresses the relationship of the individual to society through an examination of patriotism, leadership, and oppression. The performance on August 29th will be at 3pm. For group sales (Wed, Thu), call 908-892-5549.

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