Bug Boy Blues

1hr. 10min.


Bug Boy Blues, a new children's play inspired by Kafka's The Metamorphosis, is a fantastical journey into the mind of a young Gregor Samsa, who struggles to understand his family and make friends. "Grade school is a horrible place," Gregor says to the play's guide, Butterfly Girl, just before they take a ride through time to show us what it's like to be ten-years-old and feel invisible. Gregor faces many challenges as a young boy, and finds solace in the bug world: a place to escape the "hustle-and-bustle" of life, freaky parents and, of course, a school of kids who just don't understand. Bug Boy Blues is a quirky, fun, imaginative play for all ages. It is what The Metamorphosis would be with funky dancing bugs, acrobatics, a live jam band and colorful, cartoon-like characters. This production is an adventure that will make you dance in your seat a little, too. Bug Boy Blues is written by Lisa Railsback, and directed by Candace O'Neil Cihocki. Appropriate For Ages: 4+

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