Brutality of Fact

1hr. 40min.
Opened Aug 19, 2006
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Keith Reddin's Brutality of Fact is a black comedy about a family tree that is gradually rotting away. It presents the foibles, trials, and tribulations of modern day family life. In the "Brutality" brood, we have Maggie, an alcoholic unable to keep either a job or a relationship, and her sister Jackie, who becomes a Jehovah's Witness thanks to a new courtship with a religious zealot. All the while, Val, the daughters' crazy mother is unwittingly enlisted in Jackie's religious crusade. To further complicate matters, Jackie gets involved in a custody battle with her ex-husband. Brutality ultimately asks us all to reconsider, is water thicker than blood? The opening night performance on Saturday, August 19 begins at 7pm.

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