Brownstone Breakdown

1hr. 20min.


Brownstone Breakdown

A mafioso landlord takes over an old brownstone with the intention of kicking everyone out. The tenants band together and form a community to fight him. Theres sex, some violence and plenty of fun dialogue. All the characters learn something and we learn about trees, AIDS, cancer and human interaction.


I just saw this play OPENING NIGHT!!!! and it was wonderful! I assumed it would be entertaining, but I had no idea just how funny and how well written, directed, and acted this play would be; all the while discussing and showing serious issues that are at times, heart tugging, serious, and important. I took a lot from this play at one point a promiscuous character realizes and faces the possibility that he may have symptoms of a then new disease which was heart-rending. This play goes to show that there is real power in numbers, and the community within a community that lies within the same building. I highly recommend seeing this play, theres something for everybody - and if you live in New York or have ever, it is so relatable and a great peek into the lives of others. Immense kudos and praise to Carol Berman and Joan Kane for putting together such a brilliant piece of art, it was immensely enjoyed.