Bread and Puppet Double Bill

1hr. 15min.
Opened Dec 3, 2003
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Bread and Puppet presents How to Turn Distress into Success and Standing-in-the-way-Bystander Commemoration. How to Turn Distress into Success features the "National More-More-More Society" who teach the "Student of Success" how the transformation of distress into success transforms success. With cardboard puppets, live music, and ancient Georgian chants, Distress takes a child, which is "Population" from the arms of "Truth" to the butcher's shop where war is taught. The lesson is concluded with a dance of the "Collateral Damage Dancers." The Standing-in-the-way-Bystander Commemoration is an 18-foot-tall puppet memorial service for the recent collateral damage victims of Iraq. The Commemoration starts with a street paly from the 60s called "A Man Says Goodbye to His Mother" and proceeds by transforming the Vietnamese into Iraqis. Bread & Puppet Theatre, one of the country's oldest and most successful alternative theater groups, was founded in 1962 by Peter Schumann, a German-born sculptor. Inspired by ancient folk traditions as well as classical artists like Goya, Massacio and Michelangelo, Bread & Puppet Theatre quickly began to illustrate everything from children's fairy tales to the daily news. As the puppets grew bigger, often approaching -- and even exceeding -- human scale, the theater pieces began to grow more complex, incorporating elements of sculpture, music and dance. By the mid-1960s, the company had become involved with a variety of contemporary social issues and had begun to stage ambitious public events like rent strikes, voter registration parades and, during the Vietnam War, block-long street demonstrations. In the early 1970s, Bread & Puppet Theater relocated their current facilities on an old farm in Glover, Vermont. The company's tradition of social engagement lives on today in the form of public productions held on a variety of social, political and environmental themes, and in the annual "Our Domestic Resurrection Circus", a two-day summer festival. They have also played a part in the many demonstrations that have been held recently against the NAFTA and the War in Iraq. Bread & Puppet Theatre tours extensively and has appeared in North Africa, Venezuela, Australia, Italy, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Taiwan and elsewhere. Appropriate for ages 7 & up due to political content.

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Bread and Puppet Double Bill - Dec 14, 2003

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