Bloodsong of Love: The Rock 'n' Roll Spaghetti Western Venue and Location

Ars Nova
511 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019
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Ars Nova

511 W 54th St New York, NY 10019


Opened Sep 30, 2014. Closing Nov 1, 2014

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On This Island, Episode #8 - “Siren Song”
Ars Nova 54: A New Year’s Eve Spectacular
Eager to Lose
The Netflix Plays
In Others' Words
Squirm and Germ: Doppio
Bootlegger's Ball
Uncharted: The Shaina Taub Songbook
Political Subversities
On This Island Episode #4
Isaac Oliver's Lonely Christmas
Naked Radio Live: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Mercy Street: A Hip-Hop Concert
Matchmaker, Matchmaker I'm Willing to Settle!
Thanksgiving! A Pageant!
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812
The Other Baldwins in Haute Mess
ANT Fest: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
ANT Fest: Game Night
ANT Fest - Animals
ANT Fest - Wasted: An Historical Burlesque
ANT Fest: Folks Wandering
ANT Fest: Summer and Eve
ANT Fest: Mysterious Delights
ANT Fest: Formosa
ANT Fest: The Science Fair Project
ANT Fest: Roll!
ANT Fest: Birthday Sax
ANT Fest: The Tillers
ANT Fest: Showgasm
ANT Fest: L(y)re
ANT Fest: Baby Talk
ANT Fest: Strange Tails
ANT Fest: Sacrament Burger
ANT Fest: Bea Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
ANT Fest: Political Subversities
Pepper 'N Sam
The Urban Dictionary Plays
The Joe Iconis Christmas Spectacular
Travis and the Terpsichorean Factory
ANT Fest 2011
Acres of Clams: A Tour Through the Complex, Damp and Poignant History of Washington State
Beyond the iChatter
Flying Snakes in 3-D!!!!
Tapefaces: Legend of a Kung Fu Master-Season 1 DVD
1 Night Only: A Hanukkah Jamboree
Eager to Lose
Must Be The Music
Doin' It (For Love) With Reformed Whores
P.S. 245
Choral Rage Presents: The Improvised Rock Opera
Squirm and Germ: Word, Word, Word
No No No Yes (Or: How the Dumb Part Can Steal Your Smart)
Nuclear Love Affair
People We Thought We Liked
'Fraidy Cat: A (Sort of) Solo Show
About That Whole Dying Thing
Salamander Leviathan
Stairway to Stardom
The Other Baldwins in The Other Barrymores
An Evening With Drew Citron
Nothing Left to Burn
The Beautiful Beautiful Sea Next Door
Mortality Play
Lightning Man
Death of American Centaur
Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Play Chunks!
Estrella Cruz (The Junkyard Queen)
The Lapsburgh Layover
Be A Good Little Widow
The Woman Behind the Voice: An Intimate Evening with Miranda Sings
Trixie & Monkey: All or Nothing
OUT LOUD: Where Bison Run
Varla Jean Merman's The Loose Chanteuse
The Wii Plays
Connect Five
Blind Date
The Joe Iconis Christmas Spectacular
She Wants to Sing!
The Continuing Saga of Carla Rhodes
Now Circa Then
The Gay Agenda's Songstyles of the Queer and Famous
The Gay Agenda's Great Big Broadway Show
Stained: A New Country Musical
Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy Show
Alicia Levy's Chickapalooza
Dave Malloy
Bloodsong of Love: The Rock 'n' Roll Spaghetti Western
Band Geeks
Outre Island
Missed Connections NYC
Barack and Me
Ant Fest Fan Favorite
Evan Toth: Brass Tacks
Out Loud: Bekah Brunstetter's Be a Good Little Widow
The Joe Iconis Christmas Spectacular
Freestyle Love Supreme
The Academics in Chaos Theory
We Are Not Birds (Enjoy Your Flight)
Kimmy Gatewood's Hat-Trick
The Mother of It
A Bed the Size of Portugal
Seth's Broadway 101
Stephanie Nilles
Mock Your World
The Buddy & Barbara Everheart Comedy Hour
Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl
Girls I've Like, Liked
Ski Dubai
Next Thing You Know
Story Pirates After Dark
Miss Richfield 1981
Johnny McGovern and Friends
Sax and Dixon: We Thee Wed
Pedro Yanowitz and jen Turner: Walking in Soho
The Sean Mahoney and Creighton Irons Songbook
Going... Going... Gwon: Songs by Adam Gwon
Margie & Josephine
Mel & El: Show & Tell
99 Ways to F*ck a Swan
LPfunK and the Cheerful Colony's Ithaca
Ambrose Martos: Hello! My Name Is...
Caleb Hawley
The Aliens
Daniel Zaitchik
Antoinette LaVecchia: In Spite of Myself
Lance Horne, or What You Will
Kristy Hasen: Business
I'm Gonna Like This Play, or Lincoln's Last Words: The Songs of Eli Bolin & Sam Forman
Two Girls for Five Bucks and the Ten Dollar Heartbreakers
Jennifer Dziura: What Philosophy Majors Do After College
Adira Amram is: An American Idol
Jeffery Self: People I Slept With Who Never Called Back
Tony Carnevale's Greatest Hits
The Jingle Jangle Sisters
Johnny Gallagher
The Book of Aylene
The Todd & Molly Show: In Everyone's Pants there's a Dance
Machinebird (Uncharted)
The Eggmobile
The Worst of Us
Outre Island
Camille! Young! Silly!
The Rickety Stares
Big Apple Turns to Cider
The Spotlight With Sean Taylor
Ladystein is a Band
Groping And Grappling: Three Tales Of Self Discovery
Gato Loco Coconino
The Lance and Ray Show
The Story of America
Box Theory
Liquid Gold
Adira Amram Is: An American Idol
The Amazing Ted Snow
The Rob Kendt Songbook
Idaho / Dead Idaho
Will Franken: Grandpa, It's Not Fitting!
Catie Lazarus: Fresh Meat
(Keenan-Bolger)3 Three Noses. One Stage.
Jollyship the Whiz-Bang
Tony Talk 2008
The Ukuladies (Uncharted)
Matt Kirshen
Corey Tut (Uncharted)
Uncharted: Eli Bolin
Tragedy Tomorrow: Sax + Dixon: Are Town
Anthony Rapp: Without You
Peter Neofotis: Concord, Virginia
Tim Minchin
Pattie Canova: Traveling at the Speed of Enlightenment
The Jesus Year
Junk In The Trunk
Paul Scott Goodman: Songs, Stories, Friends
Daniel Reichard: Kegger '07
Todd Almond Loves You
Jeremy Schonfeld: New York Storybook
Clear Blue Tuesday
Mel & El: This Show Rhymes
The Iconis & Maddock Variety Hour
Hearken To A Pie Hole
Chopsticks Larry: A Tribute
Without Skin or Hair
Mike Daisey: Tongues Will Wag
Dixie's Tupperware Party
Marya Grandy: Nice Talking to Me
Broadway Idol: Jaclyn Huberman
AV Lounge
Daniel Zaitchik: Losses & Reunions
At Least It's Pink
Crabquistador: Scavenger of God
Broadway Spotlight: Drew Sarich
75 Inches
Automatic Vaudeville
Broadway Spotlight: Mary Faber
Langhorne Slim
Tom Shillue: Dad 2.0
British Invasion: The U.K. Stars of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
Gab Cody Rides Again
The Wau Wau Sisters
On, Girl
52 Man Pickup
Shockwave: The Mix Tape
Life in a Marital Institution
Life in a Marital Institution
Rudolph Unplugged
Kelly Kinsella: Under Pressure
Welcome to My 15 Minutes (The Life of a Reality TV Star)
UNCHARTED: The Songs of Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen
Letting Go of God
It's All About the Story
Let It Sing -- The Songs of Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner
Natalie Joy Johnson with the Pink Champagne Orchestra
New Strings
NYMF at Ars Nova
Semi-Precious Weapons
Creation Nation
An Evening with Duncan Sheik
Thursdays At Ten: Automatic Vaudeville
Seth's Broadway Book Release Celebration
The Chelsea Peretti Hour
Thursday at Ten: Maddy Wyatt
Daniel Zaitchik: Spinning World
Stars in Her Eyes
Thursdays At Ten: The Wau Wau Sisters
The Exquisite Tale of Ronald Pelican
Cady Huffman: Live at Ars Nova
The Atomic Grind Show
Be Frank With Josh And Tamra
Fast Food Town
It's All About the Story
The Fabulous Entourage
The Lost Tricks
Matt Sigl: Unstuck In Time
Happy Hour: It Takes Three
Ars-Nova All-Stars
Holy Cross Sucks!
Born Again, Again
Jollyship The Whiz-Bang
Tony Talk 2006
David Josefsberg
Donna Lynne Champlin
Rebecca Drysdale
The Jonathan Ames and Moby Variety Show
Donna Lynne Champlin
An Intimate Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Peterson
Neal Medlyn Loves You. For Real
Letting Go of God
The Ugly American
Bridezilla Strikes Back!
25 Questions for a Jewish Mother
Lisa Howard: Inspiration
Creation Nation
Thursdays At Ten
I Look Like an Egg But I Identify as a Cookie
Cupid Kills
Comedy Central's The Clip Joint
Los Hermanos Fantasticos
New Year's Eve with Nellie McKay
At Least It's Pink
Striking 12
Deconstructing: The Good, The Bad, and The Headachy
Creation Nation
Daniel Reichard: The Glory Daze
Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy
The Sexless Years
Uncharted: Bob Stillman
Deconstructing: The Good, The Bad and The Headachy
Holy Cross Sucks!
[title of show]
It Takes 3
Rip Me Open
Uncharted: GrooveLily
Broadway Spotlight: The Third Annual Broadway Understudies Concert
Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy
Freestyle Love Supreme
Pentecostal, Wisconsin
Dixie's Tupperware Party
The Coming World
Steve Rosen
The Mistakes Madeline Made
The Riot Act
Planet Banana (A Rock 'N' Roll Love Story)
The Season Dissected
Freestyle Love Supreme
Neal Medlyn's Lionel Richie Opera
Uncharted: Janice Lowe
Creation Nation
Communing With The Altar Boyz
Broadway Spotlight: Joseph Cassidy
An Hour with John Rubinstein
Thursday's at 10: JUSTIN TRANTER @ Ars Nova
Erin and Her Cello
David Edgar on Pentecost
Dixie's Tupperware Party
Dorff & Gausas
Tituss Burgess
My MS And Me
Seth Deconstructs
Freestyle Love Supreme
An Evening With Greg Walloch
A Conversation with William Finn
The 52nd Annual Davenport Clan Yearly Family X-Mas Spectacular
Barrett Foa
Chester Gregory
Deconstructing with Seth Rudetsky: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Voices of Democracy: A Talk with Michael Frayn and Michael Blakemore
A Conversation With Paula Vogel
Are You There, God? It's Me, Ann Margret!
Head Games
Sarah Silverman
Bare Facts
A View of the Heart
Fringical! A Fringical!
Words and Music By...A Tribute to Laura Nyro
Songs You Love & Songs You Don't Know From Composers You Love
Alexander Gemignani: You Don't Love Me Anymore
Ana Gasteyer: Let It Rip! An Evening of Songs
Gavin Creel
The Clean House
Freestyle Love Supreme
At Least It's Pink
The Season Dissected
The Oysterman's House
Broadway Spotlight: John Tartaglia
John Tedeschi: I Love Myself
Deconstructing with Seth Rudetsky: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
The Age of Consent
In the Company of Neil LaBute
Poetic People Power
In Search of Tulla Berman
So You Wanna Be A Producer?
Justin Bond: Uncorked!
Kate Shindle: Me and My Shadow - Songs I've Heard in Pageants
Tammy Faye Starlite and the Angels of Mercy
Justin Bond: That's Different!
Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich Show
Mortification Theater
Sea of Terror
Sandra Bernhard: Excuses for Bad Behavior, Part 2
Julian Velard
The 52nd Annual Davenport Clan Yearly X-Mas Spectacular
Modern Orthodox
Swimming in the Shallows
Deconstructing with Seth Rudetsky: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Penny Arcade's Rebellion Cabaret
Anika Larsen: Broadway Spotlight
Broadway Spotlight: Melissa van der Scafe
Judy Speaks
Matt Cavenaugh: Broadway Spotlight
Broadway Spotlight: Jimmy Smagula
Leslie Kritzer
American Woman
Julia Sweeney: In the Family Way
The Petersons
Julia Sweeney
Julia Murney
Rich Hall aka Otis Lee Crenshaw
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow
Rhapsody in Seth
Julia Sweeney
The Marijuana-Logues
Chad Kimball
Michael Winther
Sarah Silverman & Friends
Tony Awards 2002 -- The Inside Scoop
Felicia Finley
Melancholy Baby!