Bitch Macbeth

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)
Opened Jan 10, 2008
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In a dark and stony cathedral, a pair of dominas divine a prophecy in the whip-worn scars of a penitent slave's back. Macbeth is chosen, a long, hard road, a climb. As he and his Femme rise, kill, slaughter, the House of Asbury, torn by addiction and destitution, unravels publicly, sending Prime, a sensitive young girl, into an abyss of sadosexual torment, and her brother, Small, to join his sadoslave and confidante in a burgeoning revolution that may bring about the total destruction of this alien civilization. Fate is what we make of it. Life is a vice. Vice is a choice. Sex is currency. Love is foreign. Language is fractured. Existence is short and merciless. All hail Bitch Macbeth.

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