Big Apples

1hr. 15min.
Opened Oct 9, 2003
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The Drilling Company, in association with Access Theater, presents Big Apples by Stephen Bittrich. This evening of audacious comic shorts could only take place in the Big Apple. Witness a children's birthday party on the Upper West Side with an "artist" who recites Ovid to the precocious Big Apple tots. Or zip down to midtown to the ritzy Rizzoli's Bookstore where a customer tries to return his OED (Oxford English Dictionary) because it's missing words. And where else but in the Big Apple can one enjoy authentic international cuisine with a couple of French waiters who will quite literally kill themselves to serve you? Big Apples is a ticklish romp which will appeal to the seasoned city dweller who has lived in the New York for decades as well as the tourist who wants to take a bite out of what it means to live in the Big Apple.

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