Between Worlds

Opened Mar 9, 2005
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Elevator going up! The Chekhov Theatre Ensemble presents the American premiere of Between Worlds (Hôtel des deux mondes), a quirky yet soulful tragicomedy by the writer of the play Monsieur Ibrahim (adapted into an award-winning film starring Omar Sharif). The Two Worlds Hotel has strange accommodations: a mysterious proprietor named Doctor S, white-coated employees, and an elevator that travels between the lands of the living and the dead. The "patrons" that find themselves in this establishment -- an arrogant businessman, a philosophizing magus, a bawdy housecleaner, an attractive sports reporter, and a beautiful, handicapped young woman -- are coma patients awaiting their fate, and we watch as they discuss their regrets, fears, anxieties, and hopes. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt has written over 10 plays, which have been performed in over 20 countries and translated into almost as many languages. Ragnar Freidank has directed Mr. Schmitt's Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran in Germany.

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Between Worlds - Mar 14, 2005

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