Opened Sep 21, 2000
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Bedlam is a one-act play of scenes about beds. From the angst involved in selecting a bed for purchase, to our deathbeds, to almost every use in between, the play explores the little-considered role beds paly in our day-to-day lives. Using both comedy and drama, 13 actors (and one bed) experience the foided hold-up of a mattress store, a couple's stale sex life, a young artist's debate over a discarded mattress, the ubiquitous "bed as a coat rack" during an awkward party situation, the poignant conversation of an estranged son visiting his father's deathbed, and the most slapstick doctor's appointment ever. One thing is guaranteed, you'll never take your bed for granted again! There is an added performance on Monday, September 25 at 7pm. On Saturday, September 30th, there are 2 performances at 6pm and 8pm (but no 7pm performance).