Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen Venue and Location

Under St. Marks
94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009
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Under St. Marks

94 St Marks Pl New York, NY 10009


Opened Oct 16, 2014. Closing Nov 1, 2014

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A Clamour of Cabaret: A Volume of Vaudeville Varietals
Get Me A Guy
Broken Homes
Enchanted Arms
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
Questions of the Heart: Gay Mormons and the Search for Identity
Basic Help
A Date for the Evening
Tina and Amy: Last Night in Paradise
Chicken-Fried Ciccone: A Twangy True Tale Of Transformation
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardaí
My High-Heeled Life: Or, How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Love My Stilettos
Óscar Tango-Bravo
Eating My Garbage
Real Dead Ghosts
Confessions Of a Redheaded CoffeeShop Girl
The Pumpkin Pie Show: Boogedy Boo!
Something Something Über Alles (Das Jackpot)
Night Blooming Jasmine
Beckett in Benghazi
Shhh ... It's a Speakeasy
There's A Light On Yonder Mountain
The Alfred Hitchcock Festival
Words, Razors, and the Wounded Heart
36 Hours
Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen
Traditional Dances of Sri Lanka
My Pussy is Purrin' Again
Two Lovely Black Eyes
The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular!
Canuck Cabaret
My BoX
Love in the Time of Time Machines
iMime: There's an App for That
The Sandman's Coming
Desire! [A Varsouviana]
Obamatry: A Spoken Word Remix on the 44th President
Gotham Storytelling Festival
The Pumpkin Pie Show: Halloween All-Stars
L'Illusion Comique
A Wendy Story
The Virilogy: A Drinking Game
Legendary: A Man-tasia
Bible Burlesque
Bye Bye Bombay
Kill the Band: Mock Bottom
Lord Gregory & Mademoiselle Godin's miniXMAS Spectacular Xmas
Claire Went to France
In the Meantime
Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary
Dime Heroes
Love in the Time of Chlamydia
Oh, That Wily Snake!
Awkward Levity
LongShotz: Arrivals & Departures
Brew of the Dead 2: Oktoberflesh
The Pumpkin Pie Show: Lovey Dovey
Relax! Alice
Eightythree Down
Revealed Burlesque
A Kind Kind Man
All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken
Buckle Up!
Based on a True Story: The Sex Edition
the all-american genderf*ck cabaret
Shh...It's a Speakeasy
Late Nights with the Boys: confessions of a leather bar chanteuse
1/4 Life Crisis
The Songs and Stories of Bob Horan
Michael Birch's One Man Hamlet
Bigger Than I
Shhh... It's A Speak Easy
Measure for Measure
Johnny Bad vs. Jackie True: a ruffian poet and his muse
Caitlin and the Swan
Y, marilyn unstitched
Johnny Got His Gun
Dumb Show
The Frankophile
Anita's Underground
Plucking Failures Like Ripe Fruit
Vice Girl Confidential
The Pumpkin Pie Show
Brew of the Dead
Frankenstein Night
A Night of One Acts Exploring Love and Sex
Hysterical Dementia
The Chalk Boy
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged
The Artistic Process of Mark and Andy
Short Stories 9 - Queer Prime
The Honest-To-God True Story of the Atheist
Alice in Wonderland
Armor of Wills
Mastiphicus Meglodon
Two in the Bush
Modern Medieval
ExcesSecret Circus: Guess What "It's" About
Whence Came Ye Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan?
The Swinging 60s Office Christmas Party
Glass Houses
The Pumpkin Pie Show Halloween Extravaganza!
The Pumpkin Pie Show!
Harm's Way
...and we all wore leather pants
Russian Roulette
Tyrannos Rex
I Google Myself
The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard
Mixed Tape 2007
The Big Funk
Solar Powered Flashlight
The Burning Bush
One Lump, or Two?
The Butterfield Tones
Crazy Over Love?
Harm's Way
Orange Murder Suit
The Light Inside
Pulcinella's War
The Bad Bruise of Billy MacBean & The Gringo of the Deli Acapulco
Solar Powered Flashlight
Laughing Wild
Elephants on Parade 2006
The House of Yes
Beckett Below
The Winner's Circle
The Strange Box of Dr. Oddbody
The Indian Wants the Bronx
Growing Up Is Hard To Do
Men Eat Mars Bars While Touching Their Penis
Other People
Two Rooms
Ham & Egg
Hell Cab
Cigarettes and Chocolate
There Goes the Neighborhood
Ham and Cheese
Leading Man Band
American A-Hole: The Search for the Most Greatest Superstar Ever
THE PERSIANS...a comedy about war with five songs
Damaged Dames
Misadventures in Being
I Found Her Tied To The Bed
The Name of This Play is Talking Heads
A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol
Film Noix
The Starfish Scream
The Just Assassins
Spring and Jake
I Don't Care About Anything Anymore!
Tough Choices for the New Century
Ritalin for Two
A Slight Ache
Take My Breath Away
Hoover: A Love Story
Couch Surfer
Same Train
Obsessively, Sam
True Stories from the ER That You're Never Gonna See on Television
Carmen Mofongo's Coquito Christmas Carol
Cats Can See the Devil
The Blue Martini
The Search For My Inner Latina
Lone Drifter
Hooray For Speech Therapy
DEEP STORIES: From the Notebooks of Richard Foreman
Say You Love Satan
The Writers Mind
Staggering Toward America
Gotham Standards
A Life in Her Day
Gilligan Stump! and Tha Perfesser?