Barstool Words

Opened Aug 9, 2000
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The show that received rave reviews and played to packed houses in Canada comes to the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Words simmer out from the Sweat Hog Bar and Grill. Words about Craig Blackshear, a salesmen with less than adequate social graces, and his infatuation for seventeen-year-old high school student Ellen. Words about Terry Seville, a high school chum of Craig?s, who?s "engaged" to the one thing that scares him most, Jane, his domineering fiancée. Words about a night, a night where Zelda Sparks, Craig?s first love, finally gets even. Words recount the tale, words enact revenge, words become a play. Barstool Words is a play about human respect, or lack thereof.

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Barstool Words, Jihad, Icons and Outcasts - Aug 14, 2000

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