Band of Brooders & Abstinence Only

1hr. 5min.


"Americans struggling to free themselves from....Americans!" Two New Short plays by Jim Pangrazio from the Nucleo Eclettico Theatre from Boston. Directed by Jason Hale. Band of Brooders is loosely based on the Patrick Tillman incident of 2004 and questions the psychological effect of war on the American soldier. four Army Rangers in a remote area of Afghanistan anxiously await their next recon assignment. The recent loss of one of their suqd forces them to exzamine why they are involves in the war in teh first place. "Abstinence Only" asks how a couple can be free physically and psychologically. An intruder has entered a NYC studio apartment where two psychology students were having a one-night tryst, robbing them and binding them together naked. Their evening becomes a chaotic struggle as they fear the exposure of calling for help.

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