Bald Diva!

1hr. 15min.
Opened Feb 14, 2004
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Inspired by Ionesco's "The Bald Soprano," Bald Diva! is a spirited farce that skewers the absurdities of gay urban life. The tragical spectacle of la vie Chelsea, featuring sizzling firemen, probing detectives, saucy maids, steam room escapades, provocative party games, low-rent musical numbers on fabulous cardboard sets, piping-hot celebrity dish, the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets, narrow escapes of reality, death-defying mental acrobatics and more Divas than you can shake your stick at! Written by David Koteles, and directed by Jason Jacobs. Presented by Theatre Askew.


Bald Diva!

Feb 15, 2004
Jerry Marsini and Tim Cusack in Bald Diva!(Photo © Chris Kalb) "On the news, they always tell us when a celebrity dies, but they never tell you when a sta Read More

Bald Diva! - Feb 15, 2004

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