Backseats & Bathroom Stalls

Opened Apr 21, 2000
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Horse Trade Theater presents the world premiere of this raunchy new comedy of bad manners. Back Seats & Bathroom Stalls takes four men and two women and divides them into five sets of couples. Such is the premise of this not-so-romantic jaunt through the sex lives of six morally-challenged New Yorkers. Set in the bars, bedrooms, back seats, and bathrooms of the Lower East Side, this group of unlikely sex partners includes a seductive Italian palm-reading gypsy, two hipster waiters, a hunky film student, an uptight executive assistant, and a stock broker with a fetish for anonymous encounters in bathroom stalls. This is a 48-hour spree of sexual adventures and mishaps where lives intertwine as fast as a pair of jeans can be unzipped and come undone with the buttoning of a blouse.


Backseats and Bathroom Stalls - May 3, 2000

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