Axis Company: Shorter Works

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Axis Company presents its second annual series of fully produced short plays and videos by emerging writers and directors with Axis Company: Shorter Works. The first cycle runs from March 14 to March 30, and the second from April 4 to April 20. Cycle One: 630PCPBMF - written and directed by Randy Sharp, this play documents Robert Oppenheimer's 1963 CerebraPremort Brain map. I Was a Brain Sucking Zombie - the living dead terrorize a pair of sequestered surbanities in this horror comedy, written by John DeVore and directed by Ami Armstrong. Loading - a technoprobe struggles in a futuristic world encroached on by technological advancement in this play written and directed by David Balutanski. Life of Steve - highlights from the cartoon video series by Dan Killeen, with new work by Ethan Crenson and Amanda Alic. Cycle Two: The Amazing Amazing World of Madame Curie - Randy Sharp's short musical concerns Madame Curie's convalescence from kidney disease in the seaside home of a friend. Suicide Sam - written by Maurice Chauvet and directed by Seamus McNally, this play focuses on an advertising agency director hired to market an in-home suicide machine and the depressed young man beta-testing the unit. Video - selections from the Jonathan Grossmelerman video series by Guy Richards Smit.