Agamemnon Home

1hr. 30min.


An Intelligent Reworking of Aeschylus' Classic Tragedy

Agamemnon Home by Glyn Maxwell is based on the classic tragedy by Aeschylus but takes considerable liberties with the original work. Agamemnon (Joseph J. Menino) is not the heroic figure we’ve come to expect and, in his relationship with Cassandra (Kelli Holsopple), his concubine and war prize, once a princess of Troy and an oracle whom no one believes, he tends to confuse her with the daughter he sacrificed. As one who enjoys good revivals of the Greek classics and one who, in general, prefers not to see the classics tinkered with, I initially was sorry not to be seeing Aeschylus’ original Agamemnon rather than this updated version of the Greek tragedy. But this re-working of the Aeschylus theme by Maxwell and its production by the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble were so good that I still very much enjoyed the play. And Elise Stone as Clytemnestra was just marvelous. I have posted an expanded review of this play and reviews of several other Broadway, off Broadway and off off Broadway plays on my blog