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Open Run
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Lots of Fun

Yes the drinks and buffet are indifferent but if you get there early and grab a seat or table on the bow you get a nice breeze and eventually the whole crowd comes by to check out the view. It is a varied crowd alright but friendly and lots of women on office parties. They confiscate marijuana at the search so dont bring it. We had fun on a beautiful night and saw a great view of the city. Dont expect 1st class but you will have fun.


This was the worst event I have ever been to. We came from the UK to spend New Years and it ruined our trip. We were made to wait in the snow for over an hour as they only had one bouncer searching people to board, despite the fact that we had been there waiting already. The drinks were awful, bartenders would serve two people and did not move around the bar to serve the mass waiting. The guests were rude and not as advertised, i.e. young, professionals, instead it was full of ignorant drunks pushing and shoving. I would not recommend this to anyone as it is not what you expected particularly after having to pay so much. At midnight when the free bar ended the drinks prices were extortionate and damned ridiculous for what you got. Save your money, go elsewhere! The views werent even that great either! It truly ruined New Year 2010.