Act Four: One Act

TICKETS $15.00 One Program; $25.00 Both

The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd St, New York, NY 11101
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Jul 13
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Act Four: One Act - The 2009 Long Island City One Act Festival consists of 10 plays in two alternating programs. Each program features five world premiere one-act plays that deal with a variety of topics including identity theft, relationships in the afterlife, a new low in reality shows, kidnapping and multiple personality syndrome. Act Four: One Act is the fourth annual Long Island City One Act Festival. This year the selection of plays is stronger than ever and features a sterling cast of 28 actors directed by the in house team of directors Rich Ferraioli, Greg Cicchino, Kyle Haggety and Richard Mazda. Program 1 performed on January 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, 28, 30 at 8:00 pm and January 31 at 5:30PM Who's Next? - What if you stole someone's identity and then found out that it came with some problems? Really. Big. Problems. Written by Kirsten Anderson Directed by Richard Mazda With Amy Cerullo, Robin Cannon and Kwasi Osei A Bed Story - Sam is living the typical American Dream life until one day when she awakes hung over with a hooker in her bed. Written by Scott Gerschwer Directed by Rich Ferraioli With Dara Tiller and Kate Villanova Duet - They had a relationship in life. Now it's time to talk about it in the afterlife. Written by Sue Yocum Directed by Richard Mazda With Gary Lizardo and Rony Goffer For Amy, Our Daughter - A husband decides to solve his marital problems in a drastic way, ostensibly for the sake of his daughter. Written by Alaina Hammond Directed by Greg Cicchino With Amanda Adili and David Doumeng Moment of Death - It's bad that Frank is dying of cancer. It's worse that his wife has booked him on a reality show so he can die on camera. Written by Chuck Spoler Directed by Kyle Haggerty With Kirsten Anderson, Robin Cannon, Gary Lizardo, Julie Nelson, and Rony Goffer Program 2 Performed on January 15, 17, 21, 23, 25, 29, 31 at 8:00 pm and on January 24th at 4:00 pm. Barbed Wire Oak - A group of seemingly unconnected people, each involved in their own stories, are revealed to be connected in sometimes surprising ways. Written by Trystin S. Bailey Directed by Rich Ferraioli With Margaret Ying Drake, Tyler Etheridge, Vincent Ingrisano, Crista Marie Jackson, Kilvin Johnson Jr., Jason Michael Miller, Thomas Michael Quinn & Matt Weaver The Garden of Eden - A would be stripper/zoologist has some anatomical surprises in store. Written by Sue Yocum Directed by Rich Ferraioli With Katie Braden and Dara Tiller Surprise - Dave wakes up to find himself tied up in a chair in a basement. Some sick fuck wants to kill him. The surprise is who the sick fuck is. Written by Paul Gibney Directed by Greg Cicchino With Tyler Etheridge and Brandon Ferraro Man's Best Friend - A psychologist deals with a group of diverse patients--or is it patient? Written by Trystin S. Bailey Directed by Greg Cicchino With Katie Braden, Joe Cummings, Kyle Haggerty, Justin Randolph, and Tiffany Turner Bumps in the Sand - When is it time to quit? Written by Scott Gerschwer Directed by Rich Ferraioli With Brandon Ferraro, Rachel Nau, Rachel Pearl, and Justin Randolph

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