A World Apart

Opened Feb 6, 2011
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The Flea Theater presents the world premiere of Creation Production Company's A World Apart, by Susan Mosakowski. The cast of three features Antoinette LaVecchia, Andy Paris, and Amelia Workman. Mother Augustina (Antoinette LaVecchia) wonders how, as Abbess, she can lead her nuns into the future if she cannot explain worldly issues to them. Grappling with the problem of whether she should continue to live the monastic life, she meets Father Byrne (Andy Paris) who thinks that he can do more for the world by leaving the priesthood. Together they go beyond their cloistered walls, but will the boundaries they break give them new freedom? Both are seduced by what's outside and what's inside.

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A World Apart - Feb 6, 2011

Antoinette LaVecchia, Andy Paris, Amelia Workman to Star in A World Apart at The Flea - Jan 5, 2011

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