A Show of Force

1hr. 20min.


Is there such a thing as a just war? Do we learn from the past? These questions are wrestled by performer Donnie Mather with Director Leon Ingulsrud. Scenic & Lighting Design by Brian H Scott. Sound Design by Darron L West & Emily Wright. Based on found texts of various political points of view from the war poetry of Wilfred Owen to Shakespeare; from Mark Twain to the Bible; from the jazzy song and dance of the 1940's to Sun Tzu's The Art of War; from Mister Rogers to Malcolm X as well as interviews with a variety of citizens including Historian Howard Zinn and Congressman Barney Frank. The play is one man's moral crisis as well as a trip through our collective unconscious. An Everyman examines all he has learned in search of uneasy answers. The character is a lot like America: young, passionate, divided and full of contradictions. "Utterly captivating...The piece combines text and movement so creatively that I couldn't take my eyes or ears off it even for a second...a powerful and very creatively conceived show that deserves a lot of attention." - NYTheatre.com

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