A Midsummer Night's Dream



Enchantment by the river

I can't believe this was free. FREE! I mean it. Free Shakespeare in a park w/o the Central Park shenanigans. The cast is amazing. I LOVE Oberon and Titania and the fairy servants and the utterly charming Thisbe. And darling Bottom. This is a magical little New York secret that needs to get out. Awesome production, awesome location, awesome cast. And did I mention..it is free? Cuz it is.

Midsummer Night's Dream

Who would believe excellent Shakespeare on an outdoor stage at the bottom edge of a peculiar processing plant? Yes, at Riverbank. This shortened version of summer foolery succeeds because of extraordinary efforts and talents of cast and crew. Even when we non-Elizabethans did not understand the language we could follow the story twists easily. Rarely have I seen a play where superb directing was so obvious. There was much physical activity and humor which made our cement seats a little more bearable. Bring your own cushion and bug repellent, but management offers spray bottles if you forget. An electrical short doused stage lights the night I was there, but the actors kept acting until emergency lighting went on. Did not drop a line. With free admission this show is the best buy in town. Of course they plea for a donation afterwards and deserve it royally.