A Midsummer Night's Dream



"Love that is not madness is not love." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca Flying donkeys, bitter fairies and bewildered lovers collide in Vital Theatre Company's midwinter production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In association with HoNkBarK! Productions, this Dream combines an onstage oompah band, a Puck more Andy Rooney than Mickey Rooney, and a lavender Lysander to whip up a distinctly winterish mayhem. Directed by award-winning fight choreographer John Ficarra, expect lots of fighting, fumbling and fleeing in this flipside version of Shakespeare's romantic comedy. The cast of thousands (okay, twenty) is helmed by the inimitable Pickle Family Circus clown Sara Moore in the role of Bottom, while Emmy award-winners Laura LeBleu (Titania) and Todd Faulkner (Quince) round out the cast. Featuring original music by composer Dana Haynes and a Fairy Band led by tuba virtuoso Sam Swartz, the sounds of this Midsummer will be more Danny Elfman than Mendelssohn. Add to that a couple of trampolines and a 5' x 10' crash mat, and you've got yourself a show worth dragging yourself out for - even on a cold winter's night. Additional performance: Monday, January 9 at 8pm Appropriate For Ages: 12+

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