A Lost Marsupial on 41st Road

Opened Jul 23, 2010
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This piece is a poetic digression on solitude and isolation of human beings over the centuries, the rambling of a man of our time, facing a coercive system that cannot accept him and places him on the margins of society. The trajectory of the character shows the marks of an irreparable and used routine, revealing to us how a unique individual becomes just a drop in the vast sea. Axed on a poetic of pictures, this work displays the everyday life of a character X, the fight between a man and the rules that constrain him to a permanent confusion in the guts of society. One more human forgotten in a fold in time. Far from being a documental or fictional piece, it is more like a live collage, close to performance, in the line of Butoh and physical theatre, some have said a theatre installation.

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