A Lie of the Mind

3hr. (1 intermission)


A Lie of the Mind

I went to the last performance of A Lie of the Mind on Sunday 3/17 and was spellbound by both the Sam Shepard play itself and the rich performances by the members of the Seeing Place Theater company. I hope I will now be able to read the play and definitely plan to see more of this group's productions. I am 93 years old and hopeful for our futures.

A Lie Of The Mind

First time I ever saw - and listened to (!) - a staging of this Shepard play. And it truly came alive for me. Excellent depth in the studies allowed the actors to find what seemed spontaneous and fresh ways to express their characters as well as their interactions with each other. And that's a challenge in a play in which paranoia, obsession, estrangement and dissociation dictate the relationships. As well as actual brain dysfunction for the character of Beth. All of the cast - devoted, intense, quick and sensitive - triumphed. And knowing that this staging included the director in the role of Jake makes the achievement even more impressive. His final farewell from Beth, played with equal amount of physical and psycho-emotional virtuosity by Erin Cronican, moved me without trying to do so. I will revisit and follow where this troupe takes itself - it promises to be an exciting alternative on the New York scene, free of compromise and with its artistic heart and mind in a very sane and respectful place.

A Lie of the MIND

There's not much time left ot see Lie of the Mind so I suggest you skip the review and go get your tickets. The performances were excellent, dynamic and heartfelt. Nothing mechanical about this company of actors. I saw the show three times. Why ? Because every night it is different. The actions between the characters changes, the blocking changes, and the musicality of the ensemble works changes. This company is alive and you'll feel that way too after seeing Lie of the Mind by the Seeing Place Theater.'got your ticket? RW Browne

A Lie of the Mind

I saw this play on Saturday March 9th and was enthralled from beginning to end. All of the actors were first rate and perfectly suited to their roles. It is a most engaging story of two completely (may one say) mad families reluctantly intertwined. Their tortured attempts to communicate were pitiful to watch and yet one could not turn away. It is a truly professional piece of American theatre not to be missed.

A Lie of the Mind

THIS PLAY WAS AMAZING!! I saw it yesterday afternoon and from the start Brandon Walker draws you in and Erin Cornican was exceptional. The entire cast a WOW!!! Extremely talented. I highly recommend that everyone see this. I look forward to supporting this theater group!!

A Lie of the Mind

All successful works of art must function on several different levels simultaneously: emotional, intellectual, psychological, and visceral, to name a few. The production of Sam Shepard's "A Lie of the Mind" with the Seeing Place Theater falls into this category and the really happy news is that on every level this company has met the challenges Shepard presents them with; they have stepped up to the plate more than admirably here. From the lighting and sound design and costumes to the impeccable directing to the truly outstanding and engaging performances by an amazing cast, this interpretation of this very intense and moving piece of theater is spot on. These actors are invested in the characters they are portraying and that investment pulls the audience in as well. As damaged as these people might be, we find ourselves caring about them. We find ourselves being deeply disturbed and if we are truly listening to what is happening up on the stage, we find ourselves being challenged to some serious self-examination as well. For anyone who prefers their theatrical experience to be a hearty meal rather than fast food or a sugar-infused snack, this is an extraordinary play with an extraordinary company and you really should make a point of seeing it.

Philip Lakin who played the role of mike gave an outstanding ,emotional performance.

Lie of the Mind

The show was truthful, well directed and produced. They did a great job telling Sam Shepard's story of how we all live with and tell lies to ourselves.

A Lie of the Mind

A beautifully acted presentation of a brilliantly written dark comedy about hurting those we love, and about the plight of women. Well worth seeing.