3 Kings and Their Dead

1hr. 15min.
Opened Jun 7, 2007
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What happens when three of Shakespeare's most ruthless kings face their victims? 3 Kings and Their Dead is an imaginative reworking of scenes from three of Shakespeare's plays, in which Macbeth is stalked by Banquo; Claudius has to confront his brother, Hamlet's father; and Richard III gets haunted by all whom he has sent from this world. Ambition. Treachery. Destruction. There always seem to be glamor and glory, until death and fear reveal war's true nature. Yet it is perhaps the ultimate justice when the perpetrator must answer to those whom he has victimized. This play strips the treason bare and shows the rhetoric for what it is. It's more timely than ever to rediscover what Shakespeare had to say about how the disregard of others' lives and welfare leads to our own demise.

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