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Leaving Queens
By Marc Miller · Mar 5, 2001
(l-r) Sean Dooley, Cynthia Sophiea, Jim Jacobson,Alexander Bonnin, Barbara Tirrell, Paul Niebanck,and Alice Vienneau in Leaving Queens(Photo: Edwina Kippy Rudy) ...
The West End's Changing Landscape
By Mark Shenton · Mar 5, 2001
Mark Shenton reports on the current crop of London shows, from Medea to Japes to The Secret Garden.
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 2, 2001
Jacquelyn Piro and James Ludwig in Suburb(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Opening a musical called Suburb in midtown Manhattan is a bit like opening a kosher deli ...
Buddying-up with Buddy Greco
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 2, 2001
Barbara & Scott Siegel respond to the jazz stylings of BUDDY GRECO in performance at Arci's Place.
Memory Lane
By Stewart F. Lane · Mar 1, 2001
Stewart F. Lane on the various stages of his career, from actor to producer to co-author of If It Was Easy.....
Boy Gets Girl
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 1, 2001
Mary Beth Fisherin Boy Gets Girl(Photo: Liz Lauren) The "issue play" is alive and well in today's theater, thanks to Rebecca Gilman. The playwright deservedly ...
Tubular Memories
By Jim Caruso · Feb 27, 2001
JoAnne Worley and other funny folk name their absolute favorite T.V. shows of all time.
Liz Callaway in the Age of Aquarius
By Michael J. Bandler · Feb 27, 2001
Michael J. Bandler gets in the groove with LIZ CALLAWAY's new CD of swinging '60s pop hits.
Josie Sings Again!
By Charles Nelson · Feb 27, 2001
JOSEPHINE BAKER gets the biomusical treatment, ROBERT SEAN LEONARD reunites with TOM STOPPARD, and a certain diva's antics catch up with her.
High Dive
By David Finkle · Feb 26, 2001
Leslie Ayvazian in High Dive.(Photo: Dixie Sheridan) Three weeks before Leslie Ayvazian's 50th birthday, which couldn't have been that long ago from the look ...