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Kelli Lynn Harrison, Kate Hess, Lee Rosen, and Amy Rhodesin a publicity photo for Apocalypso! William Donnelly's millennial comedy A
The Underpants
Kristine Nielsen, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, and Christian Camargo in The Underpants (Photo: Dixie Sheridan) The Underpants is a fine
Come On In, the Waters is Fine!
Harvey Fierstein tests the Waters, Chase Mishkin hopes to enter a dark horse in the Tony race, and rarely heard Rodgers holds sway at the York.
Play It with Music
Some thoughts engendered by the soundtrack album -- yes, that?s right! -- of the Broadway version of The Graduate.
The Graduate
Jason Biggs in The Graduate(Photo: Joan Marcus) When Mike Nichols made the landmark 1967 movie The Graduate, he was amazed at the audience response to ...
The Pajama Guy
Still a force to be reckoned with, composer/lyricist Richard Adler talks about what's happening (and what may be happening) with The Pajama Game.
The 2002 MAC Awards
The Siegels spend a l-o-o-o-ng evening at the 2002 MAC Awards.
Tovah All Ovah!
Tovah Feldshuh juggles two Off-Broadway shows while garnering great reviews for her supporting role in a new hit movie.
Fortune's Fool
Timothy Doyle, Frank Langella, and Alan Batesin Fortune's Fool(Photo: Carol Rosegg) In a season already notable for scenery-chewing, ...
Getting to Know Carolee Carmello
A chat with Carolee Carmello, the radiant co-star of the Paper Mill Playhouse production of The King and I.