soars above most B'way shows

It may make you angry, make you laugh, make you cry, and theres a good chance youll experience all three. Bobby Steggerts performance shows why its silly to think the Tony awards represent the highest quality work in the NYC theater. If you miss this, give yourself a great big kick not too hard, though, as it appears, theres a Bway transfer in the offing.


Here is a production that works on every level. Dealing with a gay relationship between two soldiers during World War II, the book is smart, one minute making you laugh, the next breaking your heart, the music and lyrics, a homage to the songs of the 40s, are terrific and foot tappingly catchy and the the direction, considering the small space there was to work in, is fluid and imaginative. And the acting! Across the board wonderful, the standouts were the droll, wisecracking Jeffrey Denman and the quite magnificent, Bobby Steggert who gives probably the best performance I have seen this year as a boy who learns how to be a hero in his own life. Only a few weeks left they have extended to April 8 I urge anyone who cares about musical theater to catch this wonderful show.

RE:Bobby Steggert is AMAZING

I saw Yank last night and absolutely loved it. I wasnt expecting it to be so moving, since many of the snippets I had seen previously had just shown the comic portions of the show. Bobby Steggert is just amazing. Ive seen a lot of theater, but I dont know that Ive ever seen a performance as honest and heart-wrenching as his in this show. A simple shift of his eyes says so much, and I hope this is a star making role for him. Id seen him in both Ragtime and 110 in the Shade, and thought he was wonderful in those shows, but this is truly breathtaking work. Bravo to everyone involved.