Wife To James Whelan

Opened Aug 23, 2010
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Set in a small town in the middle of Ireland, Wife To James Whelan is the heart-wrenching story of star-crossed lovers. James is an ambitious young man determined to make his mark. Nan wants him to be content with what he has "and not be forever pushing forward." We meet them first on the day James learns he's won a prize job in Dublin, leaving Nan behind. James asks Nan to wait for him, but she'll "make no promise." We next see James seven years later, sole proprietor of a thriving new enterprise in Killbeggan, the "Silver Wings" Bus Service and "all the girls are going at him full tilt." Three women might be 'Wife to James Whelan': Nan, his true love, Kate, his true friend, and Nora, who appeals to his ambition--but the unanswered question of the play is whether anyone or anything can bring him happiness.

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Wife to James Whelan - Aug 23, 2010

Mint Theatre Company Extends Wife to James Whelan Through October 3 - Aug 23, 2010

Rosie Benton, Janie Brookshire, Liv Rooth, et al. Set for Mint Theater's Wife To James Whelan - Jun 23, 2010

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