Widowers' Houses

Opened Apr 10, 2005
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Bernard Shaw's first play, Widowers' Houses, was produced in 1892, and thus began his 50-year war against stale theatrical practice, humorless sentimentalism, all kinds of social injustice, hypocrisy, weak-mindedness, and moral lassitude. Now, how did he manage all that and at the same time become popular and wealthy beyond compare? All the answers live in this extraordinary--and rarely produced--opening volley: He set out to expose the collaboration of aristocracy and business against labor, and peopled his play with a pack of damaged specimens you can't help but be titillated to meet. J.R. Sullivan directs. Appropriate for audiences 12 and up. For subscriptions to the Pearl Theatre Company's 2004-2005 Season, click here. For group sales, call Matthew Coleman, 212-505-3401, ext. 17 or email mcoleman@pearltheatre.org.

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