White's Lies

1hr. 45min. (1 intermission)


Not To Be Missed!

Although the script is founded upon the usual formulas denoting "farce," I found Whites Lies to be whole-heartedly entertaining. The cast is spectacular, especially Jimmy Ray Bennett and Rena Strober. They portray multiple characters and add an unexpected touch of personal flavor to an already appealing fragrance. Christy Carlson Romano brings life to a character integral to audience acceptance in order for the show to succeed as remarkably well as it does! Hopefully Whites Lies will have a long run. Its a "breath of fresh air" for Off-Broadways relatively stale offerings to date.

RE:White's Lies

This is a really formulaic farce type of play this is very hard to pull off successfully and needs exact timing to have a real comic effect. Timing was definitely missing last night. Unfortunatey, at this stage, the actors are struggling with very uneven dialogue and have to resort to facial and physical jerks and ticks to get their laughs. Some of the actors looked a bit lost and seemed to wonder what they were doing there. The play is far too long and the joke is exhausted well before the final curtain. Tighten it up, reduce it to one act, get the timing right and it could be an amusing evening. The actors did their best but, as often happens, poor material is hard to work with.