What of the Night

Opened Apr 6, 2005
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Novelist. Playwright. Journalist. Poet. Djuna Barnes was master of many genres, a writer with sharp satiric wit, a great sense of contradiction, and an anguished vision of the world. Barnes rose to fame in 1936 as the acclaimed novelist of Nightwood - her magnum opus and story of a doomed, tempestuous love affair with Thelma Wood. Discovered by T. S. Eliot, Nightwood was considered a masterpiece of modern fiction and caught the attention of the literary scene after the manuscript was rejected by nearly every publisher for its narrative style, metaphoric language and underlying themes of sexual perversion, lesbian romance and religious blasphemy. MCC Theater presents What of the Night, based on the writings of Djuna Barnes, created for the stage by Jane Alexander, Noreen Tomassi, and Birgitta Trommler. Directed and choreographed by Birgitta Trommler. Starring Jane Alexander.

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What of the Night - Apr 6, 2005

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