Voca People

1hr. 30min.


Cute for the first ten minutes...

Becomes dull very quickly...

A cappella

Voca people have exceeded my expectation. At the beginning of their performance, I was in doubt. Rest assured they set aside ALL uncertainties I had. They were very engaging, funny, witty, and entertaining. This is a must see musical of all age group. Definitely appropriate for the whole family and a great get way from our daily mundane activities.

Absolutely joyous--do go!

An absolutely wonderful a capella show. Amazingly talented cast, clever premise, funny. Arrived hot, grumpy and sad, left in a great mood. You really can forget problems for the 90 minutes. Didnt solve my woes but a great escape. And the singing in delicious. Go!

This show is Wonderful!

I went with a small group of friends and we had a great time. This is just what we need. Ticket prices are fair and the theatre is exceptional. Dont miss it!

Voca People - Yeah!

This is a fun show with a very talented cast. Yes, it does get a bit silly in places with the initial premise and the audience interaction but this doesnt spoil the overall enjoyment. All in all it is a very worthwhile 90 minutes worth. The singing is clever and all sounds are from humans which is pretty amazing. The staging and lighting are just right. Go, relax and just enjoy it for what it is...entertainment.

Out Of This World!

What a FUNtastic show...we loved it! Great music, super talented performers, lots of laughs. Dont miss this one...would go see it again in a heartbeat. VOCAPEOPLE...you need to do a CD!

Voca People

OMG...so much fun! I absolutely loved this show. It had it all. The singing was extraordinary, and the performers were hilarious. Great audience participation. My boyfriend was picked to go onstage and he had the time of his life. Left the theater with such a happy feeling. See this show! It will definitely make you smile.

Super go see it

The 90 minutes flew by. The music was great, the audience was involved and really enjoyed the show!

Must see!

Amazing rare gem! Great musicality, very funny outstanding performers-vocalists and very talented creators! We had unforgettable evening. MUST SEE!


This show was lots of fun! Very talented performers with a unique sound. Dont miss it.