Viagara Falls

Opened Jul 21, 2010
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Charley and Moe are widowers, war buddies and life-long pals. For his 77th birthday, rather than sitting around listening to old records, Charley decides that he and Moe need one more crack at sowing some wild oats. Moe is wary, but with the help of one loopy lady of the evening and some black market blue pills, Charley and Moe are in for the birthday party of their lives.

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PHOTO FLASH: Phil Donahue, Marlo Thomas Attend Off-Broadway's Viagara Falls - Aug 6, 2010

Viagara Falls - Jul 22, 2010

Lou Cutell, Teresa Ganzel, Bernie Kopell Set for Viagara Falls at Off-Broadway's Little Shubert - Jun 7, 2010

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